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Muhammad Rifqi Fatchurrahman

Software Engineer

About Me

Committed and detail-oriented software engineer with demonstrated skill with more than 7 years of experience both technical and managerial in product development. The percentage between technical and managerial is 70:30.

I have wide coverage of technology for multiple stack. My experience started with native mobile dev for 5 years using Java, Kotlin, and Swift language. Continued with more than 4 years of experience in Fullstack Development, using Spring Boot Java as the backend, and using both react and angular as the frontend, all running on Google Cloud Platform.


Plan ahead and begin with simple things

Good result requires a propper planning. I always use this mindset whenever possible. Gather requirements, ask questions, analyze the desired goals, and make milestones. With this step in mind, we can minimize the back-and-forth communication between teams and stakeholders.



Plan won't work without a collaboration. It should be iterated upon as a team. I am a team player and am always willing to learn. Either learn from others or on my own. Giving and taking feedback is important. Quality is not an act, it's a habit.


Keep on moving

Everything we create is subject to change and experimentation. We plan, we fails, we fix. Not everything will work, but it's worth trying - and learning from what doesn't.


Work hard play hard

I am not afraid on learning new things, new technologies, and new tools. I am also not afraid on watching new series and movies that has a lot of episodes and sequels.


Software Engineering Team Lead (Tech Lead)
Kuelap, Inc. | Seattle, Washington (Remote)

Manage a cross-functional product development team composed of multiple engineers, one Quality Assurance. Collaborate cross-divisional teams and departments, to devise strategic planning for the business requirements and incidents. Planning the development timeline and resource allocation for the team. Daily development and code reviews of new features, bugs, and enhancements for the product. Managing one-on-one meetings with the team members, and leveraging target-based OKRs and agile methodology.

Senior Software Engineer (Fullstack)
Kuelap, Inc. | Seattle, Washington (Remote)

Pioneered the initiation plan, creating CI/CD on GitLab pipeline, and developing a mobile digital banking app for Android and web using ReactJS, Ionic, and OAuth2 authentication. Handled multiple business critical requirements of Loan Origination and Loan Surveys. Implemented domain-specific microservice for client's customer authentication using OryHydra OAuth2. Conducted research, presented to stakeholders and implemented the SMS Gateway service on the spring boot backend for Cameroon and Indonesia. Acted as the technical owner responsible for planning, code reviewing, and developing the Spring Boot Java backend and React/Angular frontend component.

Lead iOS Developer
Wideboard | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Designed and developed VoIP functionality. Manage 2 engineers on daily activities. Collaborate with CEO & CTO in brainstorming of business needs into product requirements & technical requirements. Support & Enhance the app features and functionalities. Integrate with APNS Push Notifications.

Lead Android Developer
Wideboard | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Designed and developed the android app with Dagger Dependency Injection, RxJava, with MVP architecture. Implement chat core functionality using XMPP protocol. Integrate with Firebase Push Notifications.

Co-Founder and Software Engineer
Behafizh | Yogyakarta, Indonesia

Responsible on Release Management & Maintaned the stability of the app. Support & Enhance the android app features. Create the continuous deployment pipeline using CircleCI. Implement the serverless approach using firebase & firestore.

Program Manager
Nokia Innovation Center - Universitas Gadjah Mada | Yogyakarta, Indonesia
Manage members and plan programs to accelerate the maturity of making products, specific to the mobile application area.
Assistant Lecturer in Linear Algebra
Universitas Gadjah Mada | Yogyakarta, Indonesia
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